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Imagery search

Search and obtain satellite images that are of a specified location. Further filter images by date or by imagery providers, which include DigitalGlobe, NASA Landsat, ESA Sentinel, UrtheCast, Planet, Airbus, and many others.

Imagery download

Downloading satellite images is an easy, customizable process with our API. Simply specify geographical boundaries and a satellite image ID to get the image. We have special Python and CLI packages built for our SpaceKnow Image files, which make it simple and flexible to work with the images.


An image is worth a 1000 words and our visualization is no exception. You may visualize satellite imagery in multiple ways and the subsequent analysis may also be visualized as a standalone image or via an overlay on the original satellite image. It is possible to download visualizations as a PNG or a GeoTIFF.

Image Dissection

Our intelligent API can shorten the processing time of image analysis and make the experience more fluid and user-friendly by breaking an image down into smaller images, analyzing them, and then aggregating the data. This is done in a standardized way so that the result may be displayed and adjusted in various GIS applications or systems such as Google Maps.

Change detection

Through our advanced machine learning, our API can filter a variety of specific elements, including clouds, vegetation, urban areas, and water, automatically determining change over a given period of time and visually highlighting and categorizing those areas that changed.

Object Detection & Segmentation

Need to determine the amount of vehicles in a given area? Our Artificial Intelligence will count them in a matter of minutes, providing you with reliable data, including a list of the specific detection locations and an image with the vehicles highlighted in color. Our platform detects cars, ships, aircrafts, trucks, buildings, water, clouds, and urban and non-urban areas, with more on the way.

Custom Recognition

Select an object and our API will search a given area, including historical images, for objects that are similar and visualize the results and let you know where and how many there are. Swimming pools, silos, and many more custom objects can be identified and searched for.


Receive an email or push notification when a new image for your area of interest is available or when an anomaly occurs at that location. Any object our API can detect may be monitored and the frequency and timing of the notifications is completely adjustable. You may monitor areas as large as whole countries.


Security is our number one concern. To ensure that, our system uses modern and trusted technology, like HTTPS, and every API request goes through an authorization process.

Clear documentation

We’re developers as well, so we know how important it is to have clean and thorough documentation, with examples. To that end, our documentation is always up to date and every release has a public changelog associated with it.

Weekly Updates

At SpaceKnow, our Agile working process allows us to release a new version every week, whether that’s the addition of new features or just bug fixes and improved stability.

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